What You Get Each Day

This Program targets the emotional debris enabling cycles of self-sabotage, fear, lack, and feeling stuck. Banish the seven mental sins: fear, lack, resentment, judgment, criticism, doubt, and heaviness in body/mind in this seven-day program.


Day # 1

The Set up for all seven days (downloads, tools, and workbook). We focus on heaviness in the body & mind while learning how to integrate into the being to feel feelings and become the divine creators that we are. Presence in the body, and understanding how to become an integrated being.


Day# 2

Day #2 Lessons, tools, and workbook. On this day, fear is the focal point. Understanding and facing it leads to reclaiming power from it and healing ancestral patterns simultaneously. Fear can consume us and is a game played by our mind trying to keep us safe.


Day # 3

Day #3 Lessons, tools, and workbook. Today is all about Judgement, what it is, how to release it, and how to shift how you respond to it. You may be surprised at what it is trying to teach you!

Releasing Heaviness From Body & Mind...

Cultivating Mindfulness & Awareness


Day # 4

Day #4 Lessons, tools, and workbook. Today's mental sin is resentment, and this is significant energy to shift! Resentment ruins relationships, opportunities, and often keeps us from taking action. We are seeking to take responsibility for our creations in the experience; resentment and bitterness block this process.


Day # 5

Day #5 Lessons, tools, and workbook. The word of the day is lack; a word embedded in our nervous systems and family trees. Lack is absence of something, perhaps prosperity, wisdom, trust, love, etc. Shifting lack results in us letting go of mental stories and constructs of the mind.


Day # 6

Day #6 Lessons, tools, and workbook. Day six is all about criticism; mainly the way we talk to ourselves and how we can be critical of others. Criticism is often rooted in control and fear. We will find the internal dialogue of the inner critic and put that voice to rest.

Day # 7

Day #7 Lessons, tools, and workbook. The last day of our seven-day journey is all about doubt, the ugly monster responsible for self-sabotage, disconnect, and stagnancy. Doubt keeps us small and hides our natural light and wisdom.

The Seven Main Areas Covered in the 7 Day Density Detox

Heaviness in the Body/Mind






7 day Density Detox Program

Everything Included In The Program:

  • Daily Workbook with worksheets, exercises, and tips
  • HypnoNidra™MP3 Track: Manifestation through Gratitude
  • HypnoNidra™MP3 Track: Energy Diffusion Technique (process emotion from body & mind)
  • Daily Lessons
  • 7 Daily Steps to Follow for the Program
  • Daily support to help you uncover "spiritual blindspots" that often create subtle cycles.... so much so you may not even be aware they are activated and sabotaging your efforts.
  • Activities to continue clarifying, clearing, and releasing... while others are to replenish, rejuvenate, and magnify intentions.

Here is what one of the clients shared from her 7 Day Detox Journey:

"It still amazes me how working through my emotional baggage has created this feeling of lightness in my body! I felt like I had released 10 pounds in 7 days, and there is this crystal clear awareness I have now from discovering how to be in my body and feel my own stuff. Thank you for sharing this program with me, the steps are simple, easy to repeat, and I was able to keep going for 21 days instead of just 7! Great news, at the end of 21 days, I did actually release 10 pounds, and I know this is only the beginning!"

M.J., Petaluma, CA

How would it feel to banish fear?

What if you could replace doubt with certainty and peace?

Is there a relentless inner critic needing to be silenced?

Do you constantly judge yourself or others?

Do you feel a heaviness in your body?

Do you feel blocked to receiving money, resources, support, or even your intuition?

Join the 7 Day Density Detox!

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